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Frequently asked questions


Do you deal direct with insurance companies?

We are recognised by all the major insurance companies and are happy to deal with them on your behalf for physiotherapy only. You will need to authorise treatment before seeing us and you will need to bring all your details with you when you first attend. Claim/Authorisation number as well as your policy number is required for each course of treatment. It is your responsibility to ensure you have cover before starting treatment and you will be liable for any shortfall or excess applied by your insurance company. 


What payment methods do you accept?

We accept credit/debit cards and cash. we are unable to accept American Express or BACS. Our terminals can accept Apple pay and Contactless payments (£30 limit)

How many sessions will i need?

All injuries/conditions differ and patients all react differently. As a rule for physiotherapy then a minimum of an initial appointment and one follow up will be required. 

Do I need a referral?

We are happy to see you without a referral however if you are claiming back through an insurance company then in most cases a referral will be required to allow you to access your benefits. You should always check your policy before booking an appointment.   

What do I need to wear?

In most cases Gym kit, shorts and T-shirt  would be appropriate as you may be taken into our gym for rehab. Loose fitting clothes are also appropriate if you do not have gym kit. 

Do you have parking?

We have limited parking in front of the clinic. We cannot always guarantee a space will be available. The closest pay and display parking is located a short walk from the clinic at Sainsburys in Heriot Road,  KT16 9AG